Published Reviews & Commentaries
• Review of The Face of Jizō: Image and Cult in Medieval Japanese Buddhism, by Hank Glassman (2012)
• Review of Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook, eds James Heisig, Thomas Kasulis, and John Maraldo (2012)
• Review of Imperial-Way Zen: Ichikawa Hakugen’s Critique and Lingering Questions for Buddhist Ethics, by Chris Ives (2012)
• Review of Encounter with Enlightenment: A Study of Japanese Ethics, by Robert E. Carter 2002
• Commentary: “Blowing up of the Buddhas by the Taliban” (2001)
• Review of People of the Book: Christian Identity and Literary Culture, by David Lyle Jeffrey (1997)
• Review of Either/Or: The Gospel or Neopaganism, eds Carl Braaten and Robert Jenson (1996).
• Review of Christian Fantasy: From 1200 to the Present, by Colin Manlove (1996).
• Review of Faust the Theologian, by Jaroslav Pelikan1996