Courses Taught at Bucknell University (2006–present)
Buddhism (5 semesters)
Religions of Japan (4 semesters)
Introduction to Asian Religions (3 semesters)
Religions of China (3 semesters)
Foundation Seminar: Love & Sex on the Silk Road (3 semesters)
Art, Nature & Knowledge: Pico to Tagore (2 semesters)
Myth, Reason & Faith: Gilgamesh to Genji (2 semesters)
An Inquiry into the Good: The Boundaries of Politics, Faith and Religion (1 semester)
Beat Zen, Square Zen: Buddhism in American Culture (1 semester)
Beyond Orientalism: Studying ‘Asia’ and the ‘West’ (1 semester)
Capstone Seminar: Buddhist Ethics (1 semester)
Daoism in Thought and Practice (1 semester)
East Asian Religions in Practice (1 semester)
Foundation Seminar: Religion & the Arts (1 semester)

Honor’s Theses
• Kirstin Clouser, “’Whiteness’ in China: Racial Identity in Chinese Culture” (2013)
• Hein Tun, “Cosmopolitanism & Identity among Myanmar International Students” (2013)
• Jason Brown, “Medication or Meditation: Dharma as Therapy” (2013)
• Ali Kint, “Just a Story: How Children in 19th and 20th Century Western Europe and Japan existed within Fairy Tales and in the Real World” (2012)
• Angela Remeika, “Muga Mushin: A New upāya-kauśalya from Cognitive Neuro-scientific Studies” (2009)
Independent Studies
• Maja Ostojic, “Dharmic Medicine: Buddhist Resources for Physicians” (Fall 2012)
• Andrew Swindell, “Religion & Economics: A Human Perspective on the ‘Free-Market’” (Spring 2009)
• Ben Smith, “Gate of Eiheiji: A Zen Tale” (Spring 2008)
• Ira Rebeison, “The Ethics of Emptiness in Dōgen” (Spring 2007)
Teaching Awards and Distinctions
• Nominated for Bucknell’s Exceptional Faculty Accomplishment in the Area of Diversity Award, 2008
Other Courses (1997–2009)
Shinto: The Japanese Way of Kami (Doshisha University, AKP Program, 1 semester)
Introduction to the Humanities (Lakeland College, Japan, 8 semesters)
World Religions in Comparative Perspective (Lakeland College, Japan, 7 semesters)
Ethics in Theory and Practice (Lakeland College, Japan, 3 semesters)
Eastern Religions (Lakeland College, Japan, 1 semester)
Western Religions (Lakeland College, Japan, 1 semester)
Art History (Lakeland College, Japan, 1 semester)
Sociology (Lakeland College, Japan, 1 semester)
History of Buddhist Thought (Antioch College, Kyoto Program, 1 semester)
Sexual Ethics: Philosophical and Religious Perspectives (McGill University, 4 semesters)
Religion & the Arts (McGil l University, 1 semester)